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The hills of Zarnesti are small but very hard to climb. When you look at them from the bottom, the tall trees and the rocky road that can get you up gives you a strange sensation of cold and hunger. The road is slow, full of rocks that had fall down from the top. When you get to the top, the village appears on the other site of the hill. Now the road is better and the view is magic.

The village has houses bigger than normal, houses of wealthy people. Some with two ore three floors, give the traveller an quiet and relaxing place where everybody can stand and forget the noise and smell of the busy city. Next to the village is a small stream with sparkling water and small fishes. If you follow its way, youll get in about two hours at the Bran Castle. The path is not so used, so the tall grass rustles trough youre feats. In some places you meet cows and sheep, and even some lost chickens. The view is one hounded percent rustic. You can fill in the air the smell of clean, the smell of untouched.

Going east from the village youll arrive at the Piatra Craiului Mountains. If you like extreme-games like rock climbing or any kind of winter games, this place is the one. In the summer are everywhere tents and any age peoples doing everything you can do in vacation. The winter blesses this place with snowy days and also no wind.

If you go south from the village you arrive at the Bats cave. This time is the smell and the noises that make you realise that this place is...

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